What are the backgrounds made out of?

The backgrounds are constructed from a hybrid industrial grade foam.


Is it safe for animals?

Yes, it is completely safe for animals. It is non-toxic and ph neutral.


Can the backgrounds be cut or trimmed?

Yes, they can be easily cut or trimmed down to size. This can be done with any

handheld saw blade or even a utility blade.


Can I hide the intake/outtake tubes and heaters?

Yes, but only on the Deluxe 3D models. This is because the Deluxe models have

more width, there is space behind the background to hide just about anything you want.


How are the backgrounds installed?

The backgrounds need to be siliconed into place. Simply apply black silicone along

the edges of the background and softly press against the walls of the tank or enclosure.

Allow 24 hours for the silicone to dry and you are ready to fill.


For those with reptile enclosures that do not want to silicone the background into place,

you can use velcro strips to hold the background in place.


How much space do the backgrounds take up?

Depending on the style of the background that you choose, the width will vary.

For our Slimline models, the width ranges from 1-2 inches.

For our Deluxe 3D models, the width ranges from 6-12 inches.

Rainforest is maximum 6 inches wide.

Amazon Tree is maximum 12 inches wide (at base of the tree trunk)


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, depending on your country.  Please contact us for shipping quotes.